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This California-based company seamlessly blends science, health and sustainability. Their products are made using 90% or higher organic ingredients content. The unique blend of natural active ingredients provides an immediate improvement in feel and texture that improves with continued use.

Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion

Ultimate Styling Lotion

Total Control Styling Crème Evolvh

Total Control Styling Crème

Superfinish Polishing Balm. Evolvh

Superfinish Polishing Balm

UltraFlex Hairspray Evolvh

UltraFlex Hairspray

Evolvh SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner

SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner

Evolvh SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner

SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner

UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque

UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque

Evolvh SmartCurl Hydrating Conditioner

SmartCurl Hydrating Conditioner

Evolvh SmartColor Protecting Shampoo

SmartColor Protecting Shampoo

Evolvh SmartColor Protecting Conditioner

SmartColor Protecting Conditioner

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