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Since emerging from a sleek hair salon in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003, Sachajuan has made waves within the hair care community for its patented cocktail of proteins and mineral extracts derived from sea algae. Stylists swear by this line because it’s easy to use and it works!

Sachajuan Styling Cream

Styling Cream

Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil

Intensive Hair Oil

Shine Serum

Shine Serum

Sachajuan Hair Paste

Hair Paste

Sachajuan Finish Cream

Finish Cream

Sachajuan Root Lift

Root Lift

Ocean Mist Sachajuan

Ocean Mist

Sachajuan Hair Mousse

Hair Mousse

Sachajuan Hairspray Strong and Flexible

Hairspray Strong and Flexible

Sachajuan Over Night Hair Repair

Over Night Hair Repair

Sachajuan Hair Repair

Hair Repair

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